Koray Özgen, Visiting Lecturer

Koray Özgen, Visiting Designer Course (Online) – Bilgi University, Istanbul

ID 484 – Visiting Designer Course: Some excerpts from the students’ works
It was an extraordinary experience for me to conduct an online course / workshop with students who were locked in their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Thanks to the participating students and Mrs Özlem Er for inviting me.

ID484 Visiting Designer – Koray Özgen

The aim was to reinforce the intellectual enquiry through project-based learning and to encourage students to demonstrate their creative ideas and solutions through different assignments.

“Carrot as a making material”, “Istanbul Earthquake : First 72 hours !” and “Slim waisted (incebelli) tea glass : Up cycle tentations” 

There were short introductory lectures every week. The participation was the main vector of the course, which would facilitate the performances on the assignments.
Students having 7 different nationalities and coming from three different departments have participated in the course.

Raghed Aburayyan
Zaid Alabbasi
Abdulaziz Alargha
Mert Aycan
Baran Ayden
Deniz Pamir Ceyhan
Deniz Sude Er
Numan Deniz Erdem
Eliz Ezer
Dohook Higazi
Mais Manasra
Alp Özkuvancı
Günce Irmak Topay
Osama Sharbage