Theorème, plates & tray


Theorème, plates & tray. ©2000

In any right-angled triangle, the square
on the hypotenuse is equal to the sum
of the squares on the sides containing
the right angle.”

Pythagoras’ theorem

Tray: clear anodized aluminum
50cm x 65cm – h2,5cm

Plates: ceramic with mat white enamel
a : 24cm x 24cm (square carré) – h2,5cm
b : 14cm x 14cm (square carré) – h3,5cm
c1 : 28cm x 21cm (rectangle) – h2,5cm
c2 : 28cm x 7cm (rectangle) – h3,5cm
t : 21cm – H 13cm (triangle) – h4,5cm

Their forms are different but their surfaces and their volumes are equal.