Interior concept, design & visual identity : Colonie, Karaköy-Istanbul

“Karaköy’s newest eatery comes from Yücel and Gülin Özalp, the couple behind Istanbul’s fine-dining classic Topaz. This “neo-bistro,” as the couple calls it, is one of the best examples of how the idea of urban transformation can be adapted to a neighborhood in the form of an eating and drinking locale – right down to its décor, menu, music, the bicycle park out front and the freedom to visit with you cat or dog. In short, Colonie is a high-energy eatery that is in tune with its neighborhood.
The décor, courtesy of Paris-based design mastermind Koray Özgen, is an updated interpretation of the neighborhood’s cosmopolitan character.”
TimeOut Istanbul – July, 2014

photo: A. Bekman