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Ozgen creates the identity of Magazzino Gallery, Venice


Magazzino is a new contemporary art gallery on the ground floor of the Palazzo Contarini-Polignac in Venice, a short walk from the Accademia gallery and the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation. The space was in use as a merchant’s warehouse for over five centuries. It showcases the work of new or established contemporary artists from all over the world.


Koray Ozgen’s recipe features in the “Designer’s Cookbook” by Otimsan.



“The incebelli” glasses are on sale at Pasabahçe Stores.



Interior Concept – Work in progress…
Lifestyle Hotel, Karaköy, Istanbul.


Happy New Year !


“The incebelli” glass set

Koray Ozgen is part of the designers invited to the exhibition of the “Omnia Collection” which celebrates 80 years of the Turkish glass company Pasabahçe. For this occasion, Koray Ozgen has designed a set of glasses named “The incebelli”. The collection is exhibited at the old Bomonti Beer Factory in Istanbul until December 11th 2015.



Visual identity, interior concept & design : Escale, Bar & Brasserie, Levent-Istanbul

photo: A. Bekman


Visual identity : Palazzo Contarini-Polignac, Venice

Green in the middle

The rug “Green in the middle” featured in “Instructions” exhibition, a parallel event of the Istanbul Design Biennial organized by IKSV (İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts).


Visual identity, interior concept & design : Colonie, Bistro & Bar, Karaköy-Istanbul


Schlanke Taille / Ince belli / Slim waisted
Exhibition: Author’s cabinet by Koray Ozgen at Museum der Dinge, Berlin.

March 21st – May 19th 2014 (Prolonged until July 21st 2014)

Opening talk with Koray Ozgen: Thursday, March 20, 2014 at 7 p.m.

Fuat Ozgen collects objects and ephemera. A conversation with his designer brother Koray Ozgen initiated his passionate collection of slim waisted (ince belli) tea glasses. In the following years this led to a considerable accumulation of these vessels mostly used in Anatolia since early 20th Century.
In his author’s cabinet at the Museum of Things Koray Ozgen, living and working in Paris, does not just display this collection, but— via his brother’s collected objects — a regard.
He experiments with a classification based on various encounters and reflections on family, childhood flashbacks, popular culture and presupposed assumptions.
These cabinet contents are neither a history of an artifact nor a personal memory: Koray Ozgen invites the viewers to thread their way through craft and industry, personal and public, “beautiful” and “ugly”, original and appropriated.


Kayra Wines: Inspired by the vineyards and the culture of wine tasting

Ozgen Design Studio designs the limited edition wine glasses and the promotional wine case for ‘Kayra Versus’ launch.
Kayra Winery (Mey içki / Diageo).


Tuluat Tug is on display at “Design: Istanbul-New York” exhibition in New York.

The American Turkish Society celebrates Turkish creativity by showcasing 9 Turkish designers in “WantedDesign” international design exhibition in New York City. Running concurrently with International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF), it will be held from May 17-20, 2013 at Terminal Stores Building.


Signage design, SALT Ulus, Ankara.

As a physical entity SALT Ulus does not compete in terms of scale and prestige with SALT’s venues in İstanbul. The building in question is the annex of the former Ottoman Bank on Atatürk Bulvarı across one of the Republic’s main landscape projects Gençlik Parkı. Used today as Garanti Bank, the main building was designed by Guilo Mongeri and was constructed in 1926. The annex housing SALT Ulus was a later addition, also commissioned to Mongeri, to provide lodging for traveling bank inspectors. Unused since 2002, this building was repurposed after the establishment of SALT, and opened as SALT Ulus.(source:


Awarded as the Best Floor Covering Design by Elle Decor in Turkey, Tuluat was nominated for EDIDA Awards

February 11, 2013
Tulûat rug designed by Koray Ozgen for Dhoku nominated in the floor covering category for Elle Decoration International Design Awards 2013 by Elle Decor Turkey.
Awarded as the Best Floor Covering Design by Elle Decor in Turkey, Tulûat featured in “Notations: An Exhibition of Kilim Recordings”, a parallel event of the Istanbul Design Biennial organized by IKSV (İstanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts).


30 November 2012, Istanbul
Koray Ozgen speaks at Design Turkey 2012 Conference : “Creating Value for Life by Design”

“International Experience in Design Practice” by Koray Ozgen.


27-28 November 2012, Istanbul
Koray Ozgen Design Turkey 2012 Industrial Design Awards jury member.


Tulûat, Rug design for Dhoku.

Tulûat is about transforming and recording the common mind of the designer and the weaver into a notation – a process which the designer starts and the weaver completes without referring to any preset scheme.
The mind and the hand rids the object from patterns, knots and hidden in exchange for the freedom of colors and loose ended threads. This recontextualization updates/redefines the relationship between the designer and the weaver.
Surplus material spontaneously finds new use (life) in this object, in an attempt to search new ways in sustainability. It is also about attributing the object with a quality of ‘another’ sense of locality and cultural sustainability where the rural and urban meets.



Stackable bowl, ice bucket and vase for Denizli by Pasabahçe.


Workshop: “Imperfection”, Bilgi University, Istanbul.
Koray Ozgen runs a workshop in istanbul. 4-8 April 2012

Planned to be a yearly event, this first instance of Vernal Workshops is a five-day long programme involving a number of interdisciplinary workshops for students of art, design and architecture. Based in the Santral Campus of Istanbul Bilgi University, this year’s theme is ‘Imperfection’ referencing to the Istanbul Design Biennial’s 2012 thematic framework.

Exhibition: “Istanbul Alphabet”, Museum der Dinge, Berlin.

9 works of Koray Ozgen feature in the exhibition “Istanbul Alphabet”, curated by Max Borka at the Museum der Dinge in Berlin. 17 February – 9 April 2012.


Toolives collection designed by Koray Ozgen nominated in the kitchen category for by Elle Decor Turkey for EDIDA 2012 Elle Decoration International Decoration Awards

The Toolives collection is awarded as the Best Kitchen Accessory Design by Elle Decor in Turkey.



Olive oil bottle/carafe for Denizli by Pasabahçe.


HÄFELE (TR) 2012 Calender


signage design, SALT RESEARCH

“There is also the unique and very tactile information and graphic design approach of Ozgen Design for the navigation of the space and the library collection inspired also from the pattern material expressions of the historic setting.” Sanal Mimarlik, 2011, Istanbul.


Wayfinding solutions and bilingual signage design. SALT: Cultural institution, Istanbul, 2010/2011

client: Garanti Kültür A.S., Istanbul, Turkey.


Influences 2011/2012: Un-plugged by François Bernard
Toolives Collection presented at Un-plugged Trend exhibition during Maison&Objet

“It is urgent that we let go in order to escape the pressures of our culture of speed and standardization. People are unplugging, slowing down, and cultivating the joyful frugality of ages past. The new luxury looks to simplified creature comforts. We are rediscovering a taste for the near and known and a local flavor. Period pieces are revitalizing the archives of folklore and archetypal forms. Without nostalgia, but with modesty, we are awakening the intense pleasure of the present moment.” François Bernard


Meet My Project presents a selection of designers at “Le Lieu du Design”, Paris.

Koray Ozgen participates to “Making of” exhibition with his “Toolives Collection” 21-25 January 2011